Species Spotlight: The common brown lemur

Species Spotlight: Don’t let its name fool you, because the common brown lemur (Eulemur fulvus) is anything but common. The brown lemurs here at LCF are intelligent, quirky, and are quick to win our hearts. Both the males and females are similarly colored, and female dominance (common in many species of lemur) does not appear to be a feature of this particular species.

Interestingly enough, brown lemurs are one of only two species of lemur to occur outside of Madagascar. They were introduced to the small island of Mayotte in the Comoros by humans before the European arrival.

These lemurs enjoy a diet of fruits, young leaves, and flowers. The types of fruits and plants they eat vary greatly depending on their seasonal availability.

According to the IUCN Red List, brown lemurs are classified as Near Threatened (NT), but their population is still estimated to be declining. One of their biggest threats includes slash-and-burn agriculture which threatens their beloved forest home. Hunting has also become a grave threat with entire groups sometimes being caught at once.

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