lemurs date for a mate (pt. II)

The lemur is a primate just like a human being. Lemurs are in their own category, though just like apes and monkeys. One type of lemur is the ring tailed lemur. I feel fortunate that I was able to work with the ring-tailed lemur. The ringtailed lemurs got their name because the ringtail lemur tails have rings on them like raccoons. Some people may think that they have seen a flying lemur because they are very athletic and can jump very far, but actually there aren’t any flying lemurs that I know. So if you are looking for flying lemur facts, the fact is that they do not exist. If you are looking for facts on lemurs in general, there are many. There are a number of different species of lemurs, the ones that I got to work with and that are in the videos are the ringtail lemurs and black and white ruffed lemurs that some may just think of as the black lemurs since there is a type of species of lemurs called red and white ruffed lemurs. The black lemur or black and white ruffed lemurs are very loud and can be heard from quite some distance throughout the lemur environments on the island of Madagascar. There are many lemurs of Madagascar, which is an island off the coast of Africa. There are many interesting facts about lemurs that aren’t commonly know like their undigested food in their feces help fertilize the forests that they live in. The lemur habitat consists of forests because the lemurs like to feed and hide from predators in the trees. The Madagascar lemur live sometimes live in vanilla trees and are often killed when people chop down the trees to get the vanilla- so one reason to use artificial vanilla instead of pure Madagascar vanilla. Some may think of Madagascar as the lemur kingdom, but actuallly the many types of lemurs that live on the island of Madagascar live in troops or groups of lemurs and are led by females. The videos highlight the dramatic lemur and show their humorous side and athletic ability. Watch the videos if you want to see moving pictures of lemurs or still lemur pictures. Just please don’t ask where can i buy a lemur or where can I find ringtail lemur for sale because these wonderful animals belong in the wild- they would NOT make good pets.

Funny Animal Videos: Ringtail Lemurs Own Dating Game
Lemurs are cute animals. Being primates, they are so much like people just much more athletic and spastic. Some people may think they would make a cool exotic pet. They may consider pet adoption through pet finder and think that adopting a pet through pet finder could help them locate an exotic pet like a ringtail lemur or black and white ruffled lemur. Although using petfinder to find a pet from the comfort of your own home is one of the perks of modern technology, it is not the best way to find a lemur. In fact, petfinder or other animal rescue site serving people wanting to support animal adoption exist to help people adopt rescue pets that are appropriate domestic pets like dogs, cats, bunnies and other animals that do not thrive in the wild. A lemur would not make a good pet. Even the friendliest of pet friendly restaurants would not allow the antics that these athletic and energetic primates would perform. And your neighbors would probably call animal control to take the poor little lemur away because of their loud social calls, especially the black and white ruffed lemurs. So support wildlife and wild animals by keeping them wild and supporting paws and claws and animal charities; and if you want to interact with a lemur, visit a zoo or preserve, or watch some funny animal videos like PICK THAT ALPHA from the ANIMAL CRACKERS collection produced by WADU (Wildlife and Animal Documentaries Unleashed) at http://animalvideopro.com/avpwp/wildlife-and-wild-animals/funny-animal-videos-lemurs/

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Kamala Appel, KEA Productions
Director/Producer: Kamala Appel
Music: Ted Thacker
Music: Street Sounds
Wannabes: Stephen M. Thomas
Announcer: Vonn Scott Bair
Rulera: Desiray McFall

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