Zoboomafoo 105 – Happy Lemur Day (Full Episode)

Animal Junction becomes Lemur Central when friends of Zoboo’s, two ring-tailed lemurs, come for a visit. Zoboo is stunned to hear that most people don’t know what a lemur is. But Martin and Chris have a great idea to set the record straight when they declare an international creature holiday, Lemur Day, a celebration of all things lemur. There’s even a special Lemur Day cake. A black and white ruffled lemur, some ring-tailed lemurs, and Zoboo’s parents join in the party. Jackie tells the guys about a creature rescue. She saw a water turtle and a land turtle heading for a busy road but managed to relocate them to a safer place: a pond for the water turtle and a forest for the land turtle.

A wildlife series for children, ZOBOOMAFOO teaches young viewers about animals and empowers them to explore the world around them. Zoboo is every little kid’s dream, a wonderful talking animal who’s a special pal. More than 500 animals visit Animal Junction where Zoboo and the Kratt Brothers, creators of the series, leap, run, dig and take mud baths with them.

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