The Ako Project: A 6 book series about lemurs

Here’s how Dr. Ian Tattersall describes the Ako Series: ‘This enchanting and ravishingly illustrated little book about some of the world’s most beautiful and endangered creatures cannot fail to captivate its readers, young and old.’

The Ako Series, Madagascar Lemur Adventures – is a six book series written by Dr. Alison Jolly and illustrated by Deborah Ross especially for children 4 to 12 years old. Each book features a different lemur – from the tiny mouse lemur, to the engaging ring tail – in a captivating story that imaginatively teaches children about natural science, conservation, and the island of Madagascar.

In ‘No-Song the Indri,’ part of the The Ako Series, Madagascar Lemur Adventures, you will find sounds and phrases to imitate! Through original art and storytelling this series of books teaches children about lemurs and Madagascar, one of the most rare and endangered animals and ecosystems in the world.

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