Mittermeier’s mouse lemur (Microcebus mittermeieri)

It’s a #SpeciesSpotlight! Mittermeier’s mouse lemur (Microcebus mittermeieri) is the smallest mouse lemur in Madagascar’s eastern rain forests. The head-body length is just 8 cm (~3in) with a 12cm (~4.5in) tail. An average adult weighs just over 40g (1.4 oz).

Little is known about the Mittermeier’s Mouse Lemur as is has not been studied in the wild. The IUCN Red List classifies this small lemur as Endangered and it is threatened by habitat loss and degradation from shifting agricultural practices.

The only protected area in which the Mittermeier’s Mouse Lemur is known to occur is Anjanaharibé-Sud Special Reserve (ASSR). In 2014 LCF began a new conservation initiative in ASSR, located in northeast Madagascar. With the facilitation of Dr. Erik Patel, LCF’s Conservation Program Director, LCF implemented a project to help protect this vital but neglected area. ASSR is a large (270 km2), mountainous, and biologically diverse reserve, home to at least 11 species of lemurs, including Mittermeier’s mouse lemur (Microcebus mittermeieri), as much as 40% of the critically endangered silky sifaka (Propithecus candidus) population, and a unique and incredibly beautiful population of indri (Indri indri) with black pelage. To read more about our work in Camp Indri, please visit-

Photo by Jo Rakotoarison

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