Meet Animal Ambassador Stewie the Ring-Tailed Lemur

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Meet Animal Ambassador Stewie, a ring-tailed lemur.

Ring-tailed lemurs are only native to one place in the entire world, which is the island of Madagascar. These curious creatures are very social animals living in troupes ranging from 5 to up to 30 lemurs.

Ring-tailed lemurs will spend their day looking along the forest floor and up in trees for fruit & vegetation to eat. With thumbs on both their front & back feet, lemurs use their human-like hands to grab fruits right off the branches.

Just like Stewie, ring-tailed lemurs have an incredibly long black and white striped tail. They use this tail for all sorts of things! When travelling around with their troupe in tall grass, they will stick their tails straight up in the air to keep in touch with all of their members. Their tails also help lemurs for jumping from tree to tree acting as a way to steer and keep their balance.

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