Lemur takes a selfie at London Zoo

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A lemur at London Zoo has joined the selfie phenomenon after taking a camera from a zookeeper and sneaking off. Bekily, a 12 year-old male ring tail lemur, is not camera shy and is already known for his colourful personality as the head lemur at the zoo. Zookeeper Lucy Hawley said: “he just grabbed hold of the camera and we just thought okay we’ll see where this goes, and he just took some brilliant pictures. It was really funny. “He is a bit of a character. We like to think he’s got quite a lot of lines on his face, worry lines from being the boss. But he’s generally quite relaxed. I think he rules from afar. He keeps them all in hand, but he doesn’t throw his weight around too much,” she added. Report by Genelle Aldred.

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