Lemur Island

At Vakona lodge, a posh hotel that we didn’t stay at near to Andasibe in Madagascar, lies lemur island.

Several types of lemur, including the Lac Alaotran Gentle, the Red Bellied Brown and the Black and White Ruffled – as well as the most beautiful lemur of them all, the Diademed Sifaka, live on the island.

They were captured from their natural habitats as pets, and were freed by the lodge to live in safer captivity on the island.

We walked in the blistering sun for an hour and a half to reach the lodge, but it was well worth it. These tame lemurs will do anything for a bite of sweet banana – which fortunately the guides have in abundance ready for you to deliver via the medium of your hand.

Watch out for the brown ones though. Their continence levels leave a lot to be desired!

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