Introducing Cholula, Barley and Hops!

Introducing Cholula, Barley and Hops! Mouse Lemur Triplets

The world’s critically endangered lemur population has just increased by three baby mouse lemurs. These three mighty lemurs only increased the world lemur weight by 7 grams each! Each baby weighs about the same as three pennies. Even though they are not hefty in size, their birth is incredibly important. (Adult mouse lemurs typically weigh around 50 grams) Lemurs have been classified as the world’s most threatened mammal group and when we can add 21 more grams of lemurs to the ranks, it helps to stabilize the genetic diversity of these fascinating primates.

Mama Sriracha, gave birth on July 8th to triplet boys. Some of our favorite lemur lovers, Mike and Gayle Yoh, were smitten with the naming theme for mouse lemurs. Each species at the Duke Lemur Center follows a naming convention. Mouse lemur babies are all named after herbs and spices. Mike and Gayle named one of the boys Cholula which pairs wonderfully with his spicy mother Sriracha. To celebrate their highly anticipated birth, the other two boys were named Barley and Hops. We are especially grateful to Mike and Gayle’s support and enthusiasm to name one of our babies!

The Duke Lemur Center houses North America’s only breeding colony of grey mouse lemurs with a total of 48 individuals. New research shows that mouse lemurs can develop symptoms of neurological disorders similar to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Past research on such diseases has been conducted on lab rats and mice, but mouse lemurs- being more similar to humans genetically- show more promise for breakthroughs in neurological aging research. All of the aging research conducted at DLC adheres to our strict no-harm, noninvasive policy. In addition, mouse lemur breeding at DLC follows Species Survival Plan guidelines for preserving genetic diversity.

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