Homeschool Academy student blogs about lemurs!

February 2, 2016 — During the fall session of the Lemur Learning Homeschool Academy, students wrote about two of their favorite lemur species. They compared and contrasted their physical characteristics, behavior (social systems, breeding, communication), and habitat in the wild. They paid special attention to their status as endangered primates. Kaya W., aged 14, chose Ring-Tailed and Blue-Eyed Black Lemurs for his essay.

Ring-tailed Lemur

Ring-tailed Lemur

Lemurs belong to a group of primates called Prosimians.  Prosimian means “pre-primate” or “before monkey,” which makes them the oldest primates. Lemurs are native to Madagascar but loss of habitat is causing most of them to be endangered animals.  The two lemur species I chose to compare are the Blue-eyed black lemur and the Ring-tailed lemur. I chose them because they are interesting and pleasing to the eyes.

For the most part, blue-eyed black and ring-tailed lemurs look very…
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