An average Jolly’s mouse lemur is only about 25cm long

#SpeciesSpotlight—An average Jolly’s mouse lemur (Microcebus jollyae) is only about 25 cm long with adults weighing about 60 g. These little lemurs sport a beautiful reddish-brown coat with small patches of white on their nose and around their jaw.

Jolly’s mouse lemurs can only be found in two spots in Madagascar: the lowland coastal forest of eastern central Madagascar at Kianjavoto and also at Mananjary just to the northeast. Very little is known about these lemurs. The IUCN Red List conservation status is currently listed as endangered with populations decreasing.

As of 2009, there were four individuals in captivity at the Tsimbazaza Zoo in Antananarivo, Madagascar. Their wild relatives had not been studied. Wild sightings of Jolly’s mouse lemurs have been confirmed in several forests with this species seeming to occur in lower altitudinal coastal rain forests. These tiny lemurs are threatened by habitat loss and degradation from shift agriculture. More information is critical to understanding and protecting these small primates for future generations to come.

Photo by E. E. Louis Jr.

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